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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 116 reviews
        W. Corey
        Dual SIm Works With T-Mobile Network

        I picked this phone so I could run both business and personal line on a single unit, as well as multiple line during overseas travel, It works well on the T-Mobile network, and I'm currently using in Africa. This model A315G/DSL works on 4 of 5 LTE Bands with T-Mobile, it does not receive the B71 (600MHz ) long range band. The operating system is indistinguishable during use from my Galaxy S9. The camera, unfortunately, is not as good as Galaxy S9, but still okay.

        Instructions are in Spanish!

        I dislike that the instructions for this phone & the warranty info sheet are in Spanish! Not everyone can read Spanish! Very disappointed in Samsung. I used to have a samsung phone and had no problems. Why print everything in spanish? Now to find a translator 😠ðŸ˜

        Jennifer G.
        Great phone! Would definitely recommend.

        I researched phones for a while before deciding on the A31. I had a cheap LG phone I got with my METROPCS plan and wanted to go back to a Samsung.

        I'm very happy with this phone. First of all, it actually has 6gb of Ram and 128gb of storage space. The battery is very good. I use my phone a lot and it lasts well over a day. The camera is amazing. I only play a couple games but I don't experience any lag with them. For under $250 I couldn't be more happy with it. Would definitely recommend this phone! I posted a couple pictures I took with the camera.

        Edit: I didn't have my phone hooked up yet when I wrote this. I took it to METROPCS and she had it working in less than 5 minutes. Works great on the network. The only complaint I could think of is I'm not a huge fan of the fingerprint scanner being on the front. With tempered glass on, it takes it a second longer to register but still love the phone.

        Awesome Phone

        I was originally debating between the a31 and a51 but really happy with the a31, better than what I expected and picture quality is just amazing. Someone in my family own an xr, this is way better in all ways.

        It looks great

        It looks great