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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 20 reviews
        Sleek phone with vivid picture.

        I love the phone, only issue is that it's not black. It's an iridescent blue. But, I love it.

        Matt Wilson
        Love it

        So far so good. Really enjoying the features on this one.

        W. D. Larson
        Large display, long battery life, plenty of memory

        I bought this phone because my old one was out of memory for apps. There's lots of room for apps on this phone. It has a big screen and uses the entire display area. The finger print reader is great. It's Samsung so you know it's quality. I was concerned about it being an international model but have not had a problem using it in the US from Alaska to Arizona. I use it with a Tracfone sim card. Haven't tried the second sim yet but after the virus scare is over I'll be traveling to the Philippines where I'll use it. I also wondered about the battery not being replaceable but so far the internal battery holds a good charge. After 24 hours it still has 75 to 85%. I've had it for a two months and so far it's great.

        Great phone

        Great phone. Purchased for someone who is not the most tech savvy person and so far they have had only positive reviews. Easy to use and not as complicated as some older dual sim phones.

        Edd G
        Great phone, sleek , nice looking

        Really nice phone. Its a bit long, ended up returning because the person I bought for didnt like how long it was, otherwise its a very nice phone, would even consider for me, but I always been an Iphone user. Would recommend to any android person
        Customer service was excellent