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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 7 reviews
        Ramon Lopez Medina
        Number one phone.

        Best phone ever if you are into video games. Powerful enough to run any game with hi graphics

        Erick F. Corcoran
        So much wow in the box....

        This is the phone I've been waiting for. Only con so far is fp reader. It's iffy, but I don't use it anyway. Battery life took a bit when I went from 90 to 144 refresh, hence it's score. I'd bitch that it's got no SD card, but the usb otg with my 512gb is good enough for portable storage (as cards rated for 4k video). ATT 5g in northern west va is around full 4g lte, haven't hit dc yet to test. This replaced my 1+ McLauren, and I couldn't be happier.

        Edwin sarpec
        Una maquina potente

        Buenos graficos d juegos

        Colton rice
        Amazing specs for the price.

        Let me start off by saying I'm running this phone on T-Mobile in California and I have no problems with service. "PROS"
        Extremely fast, GPS works great, love having a headphone port, no junk software preloaded, very bright sharp screen, battery life is easily all day, charging is insanely fast, all Google apps work flawlessly.
        fingerprint scanner can be very picky at times, the camera can take very nice picture and the auto focus is very very fast butttt the software likes to take colors way over the top, Also the HDR isn't very good.
        Not a phone for small hands it's giant and quite heavy, I love both but.........

        Overall I would percent recommend this phone to people who like quarky feature-rich devices but not so much to your average person who just wants to make calls and ask Google why the sky is blue.

        If you plan on taking any kind of video don't buy this phone the audio is so bad it's almost unusable ans it turns everyone red.

        Great Lord Balzak
        Great, if you know what you are doing...

        This phone is great hardware-wise, software could use some work and not fully supporting band 71 can be a problem. Do your research thoroughly on what kind of coverage your network provider has. T-Mobile GSM seems to have the best compatibility, but I'm using Red Pocket Mobile CDMA-V as SIM 2 (which had to be activated with the IMEI of another phone). Beware that you may have to jump through hoops to find the right configuration for this phone in the US.